Christmas couple photoshoot in Paris!!!

   Oh, guys. This is the most romantic photoshoot I ever done!))
Can't believe I shot in Paris, in an amazing city, pefrect for love story sessions! 

   Me and my colleague Larisa (makeup&hairstyle artist in Barcelona) @estilistabarcelona came there for a couple of days in December to implement our common dream of taking pictures in front of the most famous spots. It was a Christmas time, so you can imagine the spirit of the city that time)) Like a fairy tale, Christmas lights everywhere, beautiful trees decorated on Champs-Elysees, people searching for the gifts for their beloved ones, the smell of fresh croissants and glint vein on the streets and we, enjoying the city, eating macaronis and waiting for the right whether to shoot))
   That morning was cloudy and rainy, but anyway we decided to start preparing our model Elena (which is a popular blogger in Paris by the way) and praying for the good whether, or for at least for not raining)) When we went out from the hotel where my colleague did an amazing makeup&hairstyle for the model, we couldn't believe it was sunny! Sunny! No rain, only some clouds which is perfect to diffuse the bright sun! We run till the Trocadero to catch those short moments and after we went to a typical Parisian cafe which is located in a street with an Eiffel Tower view. We were frozen, tired, but happy after we finished!
   Here I share with you some results from that day. This is a perfect ending of the year 2017 and I cannot wait for more projects in 2018!!!

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